© Pyrford Homes Ltd & Pyrford Properties Ltd 2011 Click to return to the home page Click for a selection of house builds Click for a selection of new build properties Click for a selection of commercial projects Click for a selection of extensions and conversions Click to see some of our challenges Click to go to contact and about details Click to see our award and news page Pyrford where asked to help out by doing a small amount of work in a short time-frame with a small budget by a local councillor Derek McCrum. What we did not do and how the Vicar The Rev Ian Tweedie-Smith managed to muster up extra funds to ensure that the three weeks of help turned into three months is nobody’s guess. The list of works is too long to mention but all parties including members of the congregation mucked in and a happy church community resulted. Clr Derek McCrum’s letter and the Rev Ian Tweedie-Smith’s letter are displayed on the awards page.   St Mark’s Church A complete makeover to rival the TV program. Project details       The revamped meeting hall 07860 148251 01252 794647 Inside the Crèche